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Digital Panographic X-Ray

Digital X-rays at Oral and Facial Surgery Center, in Tallahassee, FLAlthough your teeth may appear to be strong and healthy on the surface, dental x-rays can diagnose many diseases of the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues that otherwise cannot be seen with a visual examination.

Traditional dental x-rays use a significant amount of radiation, and harmful chemicals in the development process. This process is time-consuming and develops an image that can be too small for an effective diagnosis.

You can avoid these time-consuming procedures and limit exposure to radiation with the latest technology in digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays use specialized technology to capture images and send them directly to a computer. A software program can then enlarge and enhance the digital image, providing more detail for an accurate diagnosis.

In summary, digital x-rays are superior to traditional x-rays in the following ways:
•  Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to by as much as 90% when compared to traditional x-rays.
•  No toxic chemicals are used in the development process.
•  More accurate diagnosis, with ability to enhance the digital image.
•  Instant, no need to wait for film to be developed.
•  With digital x-rays, your oral health can be safely, accurately and quickly diagnosed.
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