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Impacted Wisdom Teeth (Third Molars)

Impacted Wisdom Teeth at Oral and Facial Surgery Center, in Tallahassee, FLWisdom teeth are the last molars on each side of the jaws. They usually start to emerge, or erupt during late adolescence and may come in as late as age 25. Unfortunately, nine out of ten people have at least one wisdom tooth that does not have enough room to enter the mouth fully (this is called “impacted.”) When this occurs and the tooth comes in sideways, only partially, or not at all, wisdom teeth removal is recommended to prevent complications.

Wisdom teeth may cause:

•  Pain or infection
•  Pericoronitis (inflammation of the tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth)
•  Infections and/or periodontal (gum) disease
•  Damage or decay in adjacent teeth
•  Crowding or malalignment of other teeth
•  Interference with dental or orthodontic treatment
•  Cysts, tumors or other pathologies

Before Surgery

You will have a consultation first which includes an oral examination with Dr. Barrett R. Tolley, and you will need to have x-rays or a CT scan performed if not provided to us in advance.  A panoramic x-ray is a 2-D image of the entire mouth and this shows how close the roots of your wisdom teeth are to the structures in the jaws including nerves, arteries, and adjacent teeth.

Based on the results of the exam, a treatment plan will be created and communicated to you, which includes extraction of the teeth at the Oral and Facial Surgery Center. At this exam, you will be invited to ask questions about your specific extraction surgery and discuss your expectations. Dr. Barrett R. Tolley is experienced, well-trained, and licensed. He will work with you personally and determine what the best anesthetic option is for you.

When you prepare for surgery:

•  Do not eat or drink 8 hours prior to your surgery.
•  Take your routine medications, unless instructed otherwise. If taken within 8 hours prior to surgery, take them with the smallest sip of water.
•  Make sure your escort drives, they must stay at the office while you are in surgery.
•  Wear a short sleeved shirt and comfortable clothing.
•  Do not wear contacts, finger nail polish, acrylic nails, or jewelry.
•  Personal items including cell phone, purse, etc. must be left with your escort.

Removal of Your Wisdom Teeth

Your surgery will occur in our office using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. During surgery, you will be sedated per your treatment plan and Dr. Barrett R. Tolley will perform the extraction of the third molar(s). After the extraction, the gums will be stitched closed. Depending on your specific situation, the time you are in surgery will vary and you will be informed about this during your consultation.


Some patients experience mild discomfort and swelling after their wisdom teeth are removed. This is expected and please see our post-op form as well as the instructions which will be given to you for more information. Dr. Barrett R. Tolley and the surgical team will guide you regarding what to expect during your recovery and how to adjust your diet and lifestyle during your recovery process. You will also be sent home with a post-operative kit that has instructions and any prescriptions you might need.

As with all of our surgical procedures, Dr. Barrett R. Tolley at Oral and Facial Surgery Center is dedicated to our patients’ comfort and surgical success.
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