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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

woman from Tallahassee, FL at her desk learning about platelet rich plasma treatmentAt Oral and Facial Surgery Center we like to be on the forefront of innovational technology and treatment. If you are considering or have scheduled an oral procedure, but are dreading a lengthy healing period you might want to consider Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

PRP therapy is not new to the world of medicine and has been used for decades to speed up the recovery process for millions of patients across the world. PRP therapy was first conceptualized in the seventies and then utilized in Italy in 1987 on a patient undergoing open heart surgery. However, up until recently, this treatment was confined to hospitals. With the advancement of technology, this once-complicated process is now simple, and we are excited to pass its many benefits on to you.

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma

When speaking about PRP, it is easy to throw around a lot of hard to understand medical terms. So, let us simplify it a little. Plasma makes up fifty-five percent of the blood volume in your body. It is comprised of water, proteins, electrolytes, hormones, oxygen, carbon dioxide, platelets, and oxygen. Platelets are particles of bone marrow cells that aggregate together to facilitate normal clotting and growth.

To make PRP we need to draw a blood sample, and then separate plasma from the whole blood. This process is done using a device called a centrifuge that uses centripetal force to remove red blood cells from the concentration.

After this is done, we take the newly separated plasma and blend it with calcium chloride and thrombin. This carefully constructed combination is designed to optimize and activate several biological growth factors that when applied to a wound site will help patients heal and recover at a much faster pace.

Why You Should Consider PRP Treatment

Platelet rich protein therapy is good for, but not limited to, the following procedures:
•  Tooth extractions
•  Small cyst removals
•  Bone-grafting
•  Dental implants
•  Onlay or inlay grafts
•  Sinus lifts
•  Ridge augmentations
•  Closures of palate defects

Unlike many new therapies, this treatment has been around for decades, and you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested. Over the years, many peer-reviewed studies have been done to determine the extent and effectiveness of PRP therapy. The results vary for each different procedure, but, researchers have definitively concluded that in the field of dentistry this solution promotes growth and speeds up recovery. This is especially beneficial for aging patients and patients with bone loss.

In the past, separating the plasma from the blood required expensive equipment and a state of the art laboratory. Today, the whole process has been revolutionized, and it is possible to separate plasma from just 55 ccs of whole blood. Because we use the patient's blood, there is no risk of infection, complications, or transmission of diseases.

Today, this process is safe, simple, and affordable. Almost everyone is eligible, except patients who have bleeding disorders and hematologic diseases.

If you have any further questions, call us today at (850) 386-4602!
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